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FAQ - Paket Mail

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Is it true that there is no weight limit?

It is true. With Paketmail, you can fill your box up to the brim, and still get the same charges, no matter the weight. As long as the box remains intact and passes for shipment, we’d sort it out. No extra charges whatsoever.

* As of 2020, load must not exceed 70 kg.

Is there any sort of documents I have to produce?

The compulsory document that we need to deliver your items oversea is the Shipping Manifest, the declaration of the items in your shipment. This has to be filled with the exact count of items in your package. For Indonesians, a passport number is required, preferably with a photocopy of your passport as well.

What if my items get damaged in transit?

If your items get damaged in transit, Paketmail and our partners will refund you for the receipt price of the items, subject to terms and conditions. Thus far, we have never had such issues due to our careful handling.

What if my shipment box is damaged?

If the box is damaged before you start putting items in, we will replace the box with a new one, without charges. However, if the box is damaged after you load your items, a new box has to be used and will be added to your charges.

Is this service restricted to Indonesians only?

Nope. Even Malaysian citizens can utilize our shipping services. But it still has to be for personal effects, and not for commercial purposes. The prices remains the same, no weight limit.

What about the documents if I'm a Malaysian citizen?

All we need from you is the manifest, and a destination address.

Is there a location in Malaysia that you do not cover for collection?

We cover 100% of Peninsular Malaysia. Unfortunately we have not had any presence in Borneo (Sabah and Sarawak).

Is there any location in Indonesia you don't deliver to?

Currently, no. The only difference to the location that you should be informed with are the pricing and the delivery time.

How many times do you send ships out to sea?

Depending on the readiness of the containers, but as for current rate, we are reaching for once a week.

How long can I expect my shipment to arrive?

If you’re shipping to Pulau Jawa, you may expect your box to arrive within a month of collection. Any destination location outside of Pulau Jawa, is within 5-6 weeks.

What kind of items can I send to Indonesia?

Our services rely on specifically delivering personal effects from Malaysia to Indonesia. We do not cater for commercial items. Aside from dangerous items, you can send pretty much anything.

What do you mean by Personal Effects?

There are no specific guidelines for this. We have had incidences where a package was held up by Indonesian customs due to suspicion of sending bundle items for sale in Indonesia.

Is there a list of items that I cannot send?

Yes, there is. Refer to our list of prohibited items for the full list of items you are not allowed to include in your box.

Prohibited Items for Shipment

What happens if I do include any of the prohibited items?

Your shipment will be held by Indonesian customs for breaching the LARTAS rule. At this point, Paketmail and our partners will inform you of the status, but will not be responsible for the damages caused.